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Small Group Training

Why travel the fitness road alone when you can take the journey together? Grab your significant other, a family member or two, and sign up for the buddy plan/group sessions.

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Boot Camps are the most efficient way to get in shape. For weight loss and performance, this is an ideal way to get into optimal condition and good shape at a very reasonable cost.

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We provide fun, challenging and personalized workouts in convenience of your home and office. We will bring equipment you need to make sure you tone up and reach your fitness and health goals.

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The fitness assessment consists of Exercises, Body composition test and Program development all performed during your consultation, that measure your performance fitness-related areas

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Our Staff & Trainers

Level Up LLC is staffed by professional, certified trainers who have a history of success. The Trainers are managed by Cregory Boatwright who is a certified personal trainer and consultant with Level Up LLC. He has been in the fitness business for over 12 years, and has been participating in weight training for over 20 years.

Fitness Program Development


$300.00 for the Package and $150.00 per month for Maintenance

If you have been training for a while and you are not getting the results you desire, let us design a program for you. This includes exercises, sets, reps, and cardiovascular training as well as a nutritional plan and shopping assistance. This is an ideal program for the intermediate and seasoned trainee who needs a little guidance. We include in this package how to read labels, supplement education, and food preparation.


Wellness Program Design


$300.00 for Startup Package and $200.00 per month for Maintenance

This is a weight loss program based on proven scientific research to ensure you reach your weight loss goals through sound nutrition by developing a plan specifically for your body type, goals, and health. This package includes health and wellness consultation by a licensed pharmacist. All medication and health issues will be evaluated and considered when developing the plan to improve your overall health and wellness goals.[/reveal] [/panel]