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Cregory Boatwright

Manager and Master Trainer Cregory Boatwright is a certified personal trainer and consultant with Level Up LLC. He has been in the fitness business for over 12 years, and has been participating in weight training for over 20 years. His proficiency as a personal trainer has been chiseled not only through rigorous educational training, but also through years of real-life program implementation; working with companies, athletes, fitness professionals and everyday gym members.

Creg’s mission is to design individually tailored fitness programs and motivate clients to reach their utmost potential through personalized exercise programs as well as sound nutrition. He seeks to provide a superior level of customer service through an effective one-on-one training programme tailored specifically to each individual client. He is focused on creating lifestyle changes and providing clients with guidance on their path to success.

“You get out of fitness what you put into it!” Says Creg, and his business has continued to prove nothing less.


  • Certified Personal Trainer with ISSA (International Sports Science Association).
  • Specialize in weight training, weight loss, group fitness and body sculpting
  • Spring field college adjunct instructor for health/fitness and holistic health class
  • Over nine years of professional experience in personal training with Lifestyle Fitness, Gold’s Gym and Powerhouse.
  • Contract with Hillsborough county schools threw government grant” Child fitness and Wellness initiative.
  • Certified in both CPR and First AED.
  • Owner/ president of Optimal health & Fitness, LLC since 1998.
  • Participated in high school and collegiate athletics.
  • Provided contract consulting work for Operation PAR substance abuse treatment program for teens.